Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Holy cow it's been awhile!

We don't really have reliable computers right now and I'm always using my iPhone for Instagram so this blog has been severely neglected. 

Quick update: Jane is EIGHTEEN MONTHS OLD!! 
She is SPUNKY, sweet, affectionate, has a wicked temper, and is a little joy.  I love her to bits. 
Charlotte is FIVE!!
She's in preschool and dying to be in kindergarten. Just started reading this month. Skis one to two times a week with Ben who is teaching her. She's already going down blue and green runs without the harness. Has swim lessons on Saturdays and yoga on Mondays. And is still a little spitfire. (She's an amazing big sister too)
We're in Utah for one year doing a rural and ob fellowship then we'll be heading out so Ben will finally be an ATTENDING. FINALLY!!!
Life is good.

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Hang Turner said...

Jamie, I have been thinking about you and wanted to let you know what a great example you were to me as my Visiting Teaching companion! Hope you guys are doing well!